Quadrontax Free

The core is under attack!

The enemy has infected our orbitron reactor with an aggressive nanobot virus! The virus has caused our valuable orbitrons to become unstable. It will not be long before the reactor will blow and the universe as we know it will come to an end! Our scientists have developed a counter virus that should be able to stabilise the orbitrons.

It’s up to you to administer the healthy orbitrons into the circuit boards of the core. If the number of healthy orbitrons in a circuit board is greater than the number of infected orbitrons, the circuit board will become stable again. Good luck!

Quadrontax is a fast, frantic and addictive board game with a very clean and stylish look. It contains twelve different maps of varying size and difficulty. Difficulty is adjustable from the settings menu. This simple, yet addictive game will keep you entertained for many, many hours!

This free version contains five maps (as opposed to the paid version, which contains twelve), and is not limited in any way.

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