Enjoy a great game for under a dollar.

Beautiful appearance, easy to control, lots of fun guaranteed! Just push and play.

QuadraPop is blazing fast to load, does not have any kind of menus or splash screens, and integrates neatly into iPhone. QuadraPop is deliberately silent with no annoying background music. Pick your own tunes to listen to! Your game will be saved on incoming calls and restored automatically when you run QuadraPop for the next time.


Quick and simple, takes you straight to the game in seconds. When a call comes or you close QuadraPop, it automatically saves the game, so you can resume playing at any time later. Pause is also available for short interruptions. Game has no built-in sound, so you enjoy your favorite music and you won’t miss any important messages or notifications during the game. Highscore feature will show your best score ever.


This game is a puzzle game with shapes each consisting of two pieces that are falling down the well. You have to turn them or move them left and right, trying to arrange the shapes in a way that four or more pieces of the same kind come in connection. When four or more pieces of the same kind touch each other, they disappear and all the pieces above move down. Clearing more pieces at once will score progressively more points. As the game progresses, the shapes fall faster, and when the well is filled up, the game ends.

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