QuadraInfinitus Lite Edition

*Now the full game available in Lite Edition.

Move entire rows or columns and match colorful quadra(blocks)!

Do combos by matching quadra in several positions across the board with one move!


-3 matching mechanisms!:

Match 3 or more, quadra, of the same color, either in a row or in a column!

Create a special bond, a quantum, among 4 quadra of the same color, in any possible combination!
Each quadrum can be part of more than one quantum!

Create a row and a column of same color’s quadra!

Infinitus Mode:
Achieve maximum score, using minimum moves, within minimum time!

Terminus Mode:
Advance through levels, competing against time, using minimum moves, within minimum time!

-Colorblind support.

*Optimized for iPhone 5.

*Available also the Ad Free version:

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