Quadnoid is a breakout game with addition of couple new features.

- simple but wonderfull and fresh graphics with particle engine
- 11 different powerups
- 20 different bricks (some are special) each brick plays different tone of sound while destroying it (sometimes it might create a very nice melody)
- 81 interesting levels (looped for infinite score)
- game state autosave
- background iPod music allowed
- possibility to control a paddle by tiling device (+50% points more) and sensitivity settings for it
- excellent collision accuracy
- Openfeint integration (best score & best level leaderboards plus achievements)
- Free Game Mode! – you can start playing from any level that you have seen in normal mode
- “Tap to collect” – collect power-ups by taping on them (its also a way of getting rid of “Sudden death” bonus)
- In-App Purchase: You can unlock all levels, for exploreing them in Free Mode