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Think you know sports? Think again!

(QD team gives away a free prize: upgrade and you have a chance to win. Upgrade fast because the game is new and you have a bigger chance to win stuff.

Test your knowledge! Through history The Olympic Games have been a biggest act of peace and a nation uniting event. People from all over the world come together and compete on series of different events. Now its your time to compete with the world. Test your knowledge and become wiser by playing this amazing Trivia Game.

Sports Quiz Duel is another game on the big Quiz Duel series. Also available are the Basketball Quiz Duel, Movie Quiz Duel, Music Quiz Duel and soon to be launched Europe Quiz Duel. You can check out different games on our website www.quizduelgame.com. On our homepage you can also leave feedback for example in what category you want our next Quiz Duel to be.

On this Sports Quiz Duel there are questions through the Olympic Games history. From the first games in Athens at 1896. Since the games have evolved, there have been many humorous facts about the Olympics. Some questions and answers will definitely make you and your friends laugh and debate for hours.

Sports Quiz Duel is perfect game to play with your friends anywhere.

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Quiz Duel team.

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