Q4 is a new and unique strategy board game – simple to understand, but challenging to play!
Q4 takes only takes 30 seconds to learn, but an age to get good at.
Everyone can enjoy the game, from young children, to a chess Grandmaster.
For a real challenge set the AI to HARD, and the TIMER to 3 Seconds,
or play TWO PLAYER mode, for the ultimate duel of minds.
Q4 great for all ages and a fabulously fun way to train your brain.
Patent Pending: GB1119285.3
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“this a great way to train your brain – and huge fun”
– Professor Mark Solms – Sigourney Award 2011


Q4 comes with three cool animated themes:
— Slick Counters on a stylish game board
— Colourful LadyBirds on a chequered lawn
— Retro Star Fighters on a cosmic star field

– One player or two player gaming optional
– The game can be played with or without a timer
– The timer can be set from 3 secs up to 59 secs
– Statistics record your fastest wins and losses
– The game also includes Undo and Reset functions
– Optional music and sound effects tailored for each theme

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