Pyrus is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Pyrus First Look

The ancient Egyptians didn’t quite invent writing (that honor belongs to the Sumerians, as far as we know), but they were definitely very early adopters. In honor of their love of the written glyph, developer digicide has put out Pyrus, a word-finding game set in the Valley of the Nile.

In addition to sporting a nifty Egyptian theme, Pyrus is built around an interesting gameplay conceit involving multitouch. You get a menu of five letters fanned across the screen; touching a letter with a finger and holding it puts it in the word you’re building, in the order it is touched. So, you end up playing Twister with your fingers as you try to seek out high-scoring words and lock them down.

Pyrus costs $1.99 at the moment. Here’s some gameplay video from the developer.

Thanks to TUAW for the heads-up.