Pyramid Wars – the card game

★★★★★ Top Ranked in 61 Countries ★★★★★
You are the Pharaoh. Your task is to build up a 100 brick pyramid faster than the computer. Your people will help you:
• Slaves, building pyramids and producing bricks
• Soldiers, destroying the competitors pyramid and producing weapons
• Priests, conjuring useful things and producing jewels
There are several action cards, building up your pyramid, destroying the others one, producing currency or even influencing the weather or recruitment of people. It is your strategic decision which card to play: Playing cards cost currency; currency is produced by your people, but resources are limited.
Pyramid Wars combines a card game with elements from classic strategy games. There are two computer strength and the option to increase difficulty for experience players.

“The most addictive game!” (Freddie)

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