Pyramid Spirits – Chronicles

Welcome to Pyramid Spirits Chronicles.

Standing on the hot sand you look torwards your great empire while the mighty Nile flows in the background. You are the new pharaoh and you are about to discover the fantastic kingdom your ancestors have established.

In our fantastic new casino adventure game you discover different slot machines that are embedded into the exciting fantastic world of pharaoh’s ancient egypt. The trip takes you along the river nile, through to the ancient sunken atlantis and far beyond your imaginations.

PSC takes gaming to a new level. We wanted to raise the bar of what is possible in IOS casino slot games. We had some excellent grafic artists, mathematicians and programmers, and we think we did a good job. We also have optimized the screenlayout for all the IOS devices, to give you the best gaming experience on whatever device you are playing.

In this adventure you will find

– 5 x 3 slot games
– 3 x 3 slot games
– 5 x 4 slot games
– 3 x 4 slot games

– line based and consecutive maths
– cascading reels
– Multi denomination games (1C 5C 10C 1$)
– 10 exciting unique bonus games
– Auto play, residual credit handling
– Hidden treasures and achievements
– Wide area progressive jackpots
– Multi level progressive jackpots

New games and bonuses unveil while you make your way through 40 exciting levels. You will discover a new slot game every 10 levels.

Now head out on your adventure, the journey begins now! Good Luck!

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