Pygmy Run

Somewhere in the deep dark jungle is an ancient cavern of untold wonders. The local Pygmy village has shown interest in this mysterious cave and has become obsessed with steeling it’s treasures. As the guardian of the cave you must do whatever it takes to keep it’s secrets from the outside world. If you fail the very foundation of the earth could crumble.

* Drop stalactites on your foes to fend them off.
* Use the ancient powers of the cave to terrify the intruders.
* Upgrade you abilities by collecting bones dropped from the Pygmy’s.
* Uncover an unspeakable curse as you discover new hieroglyphs on the cave’s wall.
* Listen to the cheeky narrator’s annoying verbal assaults.
* After the story’s completion try your hand at survival mode and see how long you can survive the Pygmy onslaught.
* iPhone 3Gs+, iPad 1+ supported.

Want iCloud and Game Center achievements? Let me know by leaving a (hopefully positive) review.

Pygmy Run was created by single man studio Burletech. All purchases go to supporting the games I create and is super appreciated. Please check me out at

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