If you are looking for a challenging and demanding shape-sorting puzzle adventure like no other, then you have come to the right place. “pX” is the Tetris inspired gaming masterpiece, but with a devilish twist. When you pick up “pX,” you are given a blank canvas over where to place the complex range of shapes on the in-game grid. Can you withstand the pressure of the constantly falling shapes, and achieve the perfect fit before the time runs out?

“pX” combines many of the simple elements that have made games popular in the past, taking them to another level by asking you to possess speed, co-ordination, quick thinking and logic all at once. Infinite levels mean that the challenge never ends, the shapes become more complicated, the grid gets bigger, and the shapes fall faster. Do you dare take on “pX” and it’s misleadingly simple concept?

Key Features:
•Easy to pick up and play for anyone
•Natural and simple user interface
•Infinite game levels
•Simple block rotation and placement
•Increasing difficulty as gamer goes through the levels
•20 possible different block configurations

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