Welcome to Puzzluck!

Have a Potluck of fun Tile/Slide Puzzles!

– Play a variety of existing Tile/Slide puzzles or create your own puzzles from camera or choose from photo album.

– Grow your puzzle solving strategies by starting with an easy level and working your way up through 5 levels of difficulty.

– Great for players of all ages.

– Save and track your progress across various puzzles visually.

– Great for kids to learn alphabets, numbers, states, and more while playing existing Puzzlucks.

– There is an option to show the numbers in the tiles as you solve the puzzle

– There is an option to preview the original images as you solve the puzzle

– Track the number of pieces in their correct location as you solve the puzzle

– Track your time as you play the puzzle and save it to continue playing the next level of difficulty

– Available for all iPhone generations up to iPhone 5

– Post your scores on your Facebook wall

– There is a button on top of the Home Table View to show Dynamic Album viewer sorted based on highest level played

– It is FREE

– Does not include any ads

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