Puzzles of Lucinity

Puzzles of Lucinity is an addicting tile-sliding puzzle game, based on the photography of Lucinity.com, we hope you love it!

“The ui is great, the puzzles are fantastic, I want more puzzles!” is the most common reaction we get, and more are coming!

To solve the puzzle you arrange the unorganized tiles and are rewarded with pink star sprinkles when placing a piece in the right place. When you complete the puzzle you will be showered with golden stars, and your best time will be saved.


– Easy Slide-n-Drop. Swap tiles easily.
– Race against your best timer score.
– Timer based score keeping for each layout.
– Short preview of next puzzle.

Unlock 15 different puzzles featuring fun photos of animals, nature & landscapes!

Pictures of Lucinity is a classic photo-tile puzzle game. Beautiful photography adds to the quality of this game for Android.

Slide the pieces around until you reassemble the photo. The puzzles start out easy, but the difficulty gradually ramps up. Made by a puzzle addict for puzzle addicts, you’ll have hours of fun trying to solve these.

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