Puzzler Brain Games

Welcome to Puzzler Brain Games, the app that gives you a series of fun daily workout programmes designed to keep your brain active with exciting games and challenges. Each daily challenge contains four different categories; Memory, Numerical, Word and Visual – all designed to enhance and exercise your mind.
Each completed daily challenge displays your results so that you can track your progress throughout the game to see how well your brain is improving.
Work your way through each daily programme and unlock new Medal Mode puzzles where you can set your own challenges between 3 difficulty levels. Each level has a trophy reward according to how well you have performed through each level. See if you can get the Gold Medal!
Within the Options Mode, as well as finding detailed instructions on each element of the game, you will also find the following:
•Professors Top Ten Rules for a healthier mind
•Range of “Did you know?” Fun and quirky brain facts such as “The area of the brain involved with languages and consciousness (the Neocortex) accounts for around 76% of the mass of your brain.”
• Breakdown of the brain, highlighting what each area of the brains functions are, from the frontal lobes to the brain stems etc.
•Hints and tips on how to improve your brain and memory via exercises and activities from Chunking (Improving memory size), Paying Attention, Remembering Names, Self-Belief, Taking a Mental Walk etc.
Developed in conjunction with Professor Ian Robertson, of Trinity College Dublin – Professor Ian Robertson is a cognitive neuroscientist, trained clinical psychologist and world expert on brain rehabilitation, and is known internationally for his research on cognitive neuropsychology.
Puzzler is a household name, and already provides a range of quality puzzle game apps to challenge various levels of puzzling expertise, including the No.1 selling puzzle app ‘Puzzler World’. Puzzler Brain Games was developed to complement our traditional puzzle app formats.
Completion of each daily workout unlocks the next day, and once you have completed each of the Free daily challenges, you can buy more challenges, which will unlock new games.
In App Purchases
•Daily Challenge Page @ 69p
•Daily Challenge Pages 2-4 @ £1.99
•Daily Challenge Pages 5-7 @ £1.99
•Daily Challenge Pages 8-10 @ £1.99
•Daily Challenge Pages 2-10 @ £4.99
Each Page contains 9 days of challenges.

Support Information
•iPad 1, iPhone 3G, 3GS devices not supported.

•If you find the game does not work, please shut down and reboot your device.

•Alternatively shut down all running apps.

•Make sure you are using the latest apple firmware.

•If you require help please email us:  support@ideaspad.co.uk

Puzzler and Puzzler Brain Games © Puzzler Media Ltd 2013
Developed under licence by Ideas Pad Limited

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