Puzzlegram Free

An amazing and engrossing puzzle to challenge your friends with Instagram photos.

Choose a photo and rearrange it as quickly as possible, but watch as the time speeds by and gives you no breaks.

With Puzzlegr.am, the most fun is challenging your friends: invite a friend, choose your own pictures and try to solve the puzzle in the shortest possible time.

Addictive features:
– Play alone or challenge your friends!
– Endless puzzles thanks to Instragram popular photos
– Progress through the levels, and play with your Instagram photos or your friends’ pictures
– Accumulate points, earn coins and use them to buy magic moves
– See how long it takes your friends to solve puzzles in real time
– Share your records on Facebook or Twitter
– Optimized graphics for retina display
– Get notifications to alert you when a friend has launched a new challenge
– No one to play with? Get help from Puzzlegr.am to find people willing to challenge you

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