Puzzle Sea Animal II

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Shark and Friends – Sea Creature Puzzles

Cute sea creature puzzles are sure to delight kids. Easy to operate: Just pull puzzle pieces into place with a fingertip. Sea creatures include a shark, seahorse, squid, ray, lobster, killer whale, octopus, and jelly fish. Background music delights. Great for trips! Great for learning spacial relationships!

★ Eight different, delightful puzzles
★ Cute artwork and background music
★ Snap-to-fit physics animation
★ Rewarding: Animal names appear when the puzzle is completed
★ Physics engine backing
★ Effect animations


可愛 拼圖 – 海底動物篇 2

奕品創意的 可愛拼圖系列 是具有教育又充滿樂趣的拼圖App. 爸爸媽媽除了可以讓自己的寶貝增加邏輯數理能力外,還可以認識動物,學習英文!是家裡有小寶貝必備的教育App.

– 八種可愛海洋動物拼圖
– 學習動物的形狀和英文名稱
– 訓練邏輯和辨別形狀能力
– 有趣動畫和音樂
– 物理引擎增加拼圖樂趣

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