Puzzle Premium HD

Puzzle fans can access a large selection of up to 250 motifs in Puzzle Premium HD. Fascinating pictures in high-definition and various levels of difficulty ensure a unique puzzle experience for children and adults alike!

* 3 levels of difficulty (48, 108 or 192 puzzle pieces) ensure that you’ll never be bored and that there’s something interesting for players of all levels.
* Regardless of whether it’s well-known buildings, fascinating pictures of nature or sweet baby and Princess Lillifee pictures – Puzzle Premium HD provides beautiful motifs in high-definition to puzzle fans.
* Simple operation: Selection of motifs as well as other options is quick and easy using the interactive, intuitively operated menu. For every solved puzzle the player receives stars and can then unlock new motifs.
* Extra: Timed puzzles as a time game
* For beginning puzzle players: Mini-mode with 12 to 20 pieces

This app is free of charge and includes 3 motifs. All further motif bundles can be purchased in-app for $2.99.


If you have questions or problems related to the app or in-app purchases, please contact apps@tivola.de per email.

The following tips may also be helpful:

* Restart your iPad. By doing so, you can avoid issues with disk space.
* If you have to install the app again, perhaps because of an operating system update, you can simply download the in-app purchases again free of charge. To do this, you must however login with your iTunes account again.
* Every puzzle set initially includes 10 motifs. To access additional ones you must first unlock them.

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