Puzzle Love

Puzzle love is a beautiful world of traditional puzzles that are challenging, and a joy to play at the same time. Inside you’ll find:

♥ Sudoku – everyone loves sudoku!
♥ 5×5 – Sometimes going by other names, in 5×5 you make words left to right and top to bottom on a 5 cell by 5 cell grid. Harder than it sounds!
♥ Target – Our favourite. Make words of 4 letters or more using the 9 letters given to you – and don’t forget to use the target letter!
♥ Wordbuilder – Target’s little brother – you’re only given 5 letters and can use any combination to make words of 3 letters or more.

So just how many puzzles come with Puzzle Love you ask? Unlimited! What? How’s that possible? Well…

♥ Puzzles come in packs.
♥ You start with a sample pack with one of each puzzle.
♥ Additional packs are available to download right from the start.
♥ FREE packs are released once a week with a few puzzles. These are free, as in beer!
♥ PREMIUM packs are available at any time, with new ones being added constantly. These aren’t free, but are cheap for the fun you’ll get!
♥ BONUS packs are awarded to you when you do things we like. This could be finishing a pack, or it could be something else. Explore the app to find out :-)

We’ve got huge plans for Puzzle Love:

♥ More puzzle types coming soon.
♥ Dictionary integration.
♥ Gamecenter integration.
♥ Lots more cool stuff!

So please get in early and let us know what you think of Puzzle Love :)

Note: Puzzle Love was hand crafted in New Zealand, and thus, uses British English for the puzzles. Please be considerate when playing :-)

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