Puzzle HD: Cities

Puzzle HD: Cities is the best jigsaw application with support of retina display that is available on the app store at the moment! It fully simulates real puzzles and at same time app uses all advantages of iPad to make the playing of your favorite game as convinient as it was ever possible.

Right now, we are presenting a special Cities puzzles application, where you can find a lot of amazing puzzles created from photos of beautifull cities of the world. This game was designed with nice graphics and clear user freindly interface. So don’t hesitate, challenge yourself, try solving all 8 levels of complexity with different quantity of items. Use “zoom in” function to ease your work with small pieces. Enjoy your favorite music with integrated iPod.

– support of retina display
– Constantly updated pictures gallery.
– 8 levels of complexity: 7×6 (42 pieces), 10×8 (80 pieces), 14×11 (154 pieces), 17×14 (238 pieces), 18×14 (252 pieces), 22×17 (274 pieces), 26×20 (520 pieces), 26×22 (572 pieces) – available for any puzzle.
– Zoom in/out function
– Easy-to-operate control.
– Move parts in groups.
– Easy preview.
– Rotate pieces to fit the right place.
– Integrated iPod

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