Puzzle Ben 10 version

Puzzle for ben 10.. Play with sliding pictures and count your every move.. Complete the puzzle as soon as possible..


Falling accidentally into the hands of Ben Tennyson, the Omnitrix and its later upgrade the Ultimatrix are the central element of the Ben 10 story. They are alien devices of level 20 technology developed by Azmuth that transform the user into any one of a number of alien beings. Despite many seeing it as a weapon, the true purpose of the Omnitrix was to allow the diverse beings of the universe to understand each other by walking in each other’s shoes, and to resurrect intelligent species that may go extinct.

The Omnitrix appears in the first two incarnations of the franchise (Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force and the Ultimatrix in the third incarnation Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. And in the final episode of Ultimate Alien, Azmuth takes the Ultimatrix from Ben and replaces it with a new Omnitrix – the original and Ultimate version have been only prototypes.

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