Push it Poker

User review – “…great poker app. Sort of like Words with Friends, but for poker. Too hard to play live mobile poker with friends…”

Poker News Daily – “Push it Poker…fun way to play poker with your friends – it succeeds in spades.”

Do you love poker? Can’t find time for playing with your friends? Push it Poker solves that problem by letting you play tournament-style poker on your iPhone – on your schedule. You have up to 24 hours to make each decision and we send you a push notification when it’s your turn.

Play heads up or against as many as five of your friends. Use Quick Match feature to play against random players from our database. Customize your game play by uploading a personalized image to represent you at the table and keep things fun by chatting with your friends and competitors.

Push it Poker’s unique game play interface allows you to see just your hole cards and the community cards for playing quickly. Use the top-down table view to gather further information about positioning, bet sizing and where the action is. You also have the option of seeing the last 10 hands of each game.

Check out Push it Poker leader board to find out who is the best poker player. The leader board shows every person you have played along with their Push Score and relative rank. Earn ultimate bragging rights by climbing to the top of your leader board.

•Easy-to-use game play interface
•View up to 10 past hands of each game
•Chat with friends at the table
•Invite friends through Facebook or email
•Quick Match: Play against random players
•Push notifications when it’s your turn to act
•Play up to 20 games at once
•Two different game views
•Upload your photo to represent yourself at the table
•Leader board

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