Push Genius

****Free Now****until Nov 27
****Free Now****until Nov 27
****Free Now****until Nov 27

One way to confirm you are the most talented people in the world, is to play Push Genius.

Push Genius is a simple but interesting game for you to improve your analysis and logic ability. Press the grid to place the ball, and push the boxes. When you clear all the boxes, you will pass the current level.

The rules are easy to understand. Yet it not that easy to play it well. Some levels will cost your whole day! Can’t believe it? Check it out yourself.

There are enough levels to challenge your IQ. When you choose to send your score, you will see the global rank at the bottom of the screen. Without the need to input your name, the game knows who you are.

Challenge other talented people over the world. It’s time to show how smart you are!

Any comments or questions, feel free to contact us: PushGenius@galaxyodyssey.com

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