Our latest Otome game “Love Academy” is now on sale!!



Hey~The pretty lady over there.

Do you want to debut in the Japanese entertainment industry?

How to play:

This is a dating stimulation game which you could experience on your smart phone.

The storyline will develop depends on your choices in the game.

Make your boyfriend fall for you and have your dream date by choosing the suitable options.

Besides the story itself, there are also many illustrations of those sweet and ‘dangerous’ scenes!


You could choose between the adult style of love with the 3 elder handsome characers and 2 younger brother-like characters to have a taste of first love.

Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone?

Debut on the real stage of love to purify the dark and lies filled entertainment industry with your pureness!

Application Information:

Free! It’s free to progress the story but your energy level will decrease as you move onto the next one.

Your energy will be fully recharged in 24hours if you are able to finish it, though!

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