Puppy Playhouse – The Flying Pet Dog Adventure

“★★★★★ I’ve always wanted a flying puppy! It’s so much fun controlling his helicopter helmet… watch out for those crazy cats though! Get this game now!” – Puppy Owner

Your puppy can fly! Download your flying puppy now!

Control your puppy’s propeller cap to help him on his great playhouse adventure. Avoid birds, babies, and flying cats in biplanes while you collect as many bones as possible.

How long can you help your puppy stay in the air?

Game Features:
★ Infinite, endless gameplay
★ Helicopter style gameplay with simulated gravity
★ Choose from multiple puppies including a Dalmatian and a Bulldog
★ Upgrade to Kid’s Mode for younger children who want to play without frustrations
★ Custom, adventurous soundtrack

How to play:

– Touching the screen powers your puppy’s propeller cap and causes your puppy to fly higher
– The longer you hold down, the more power the cap gets
– Release your touch to cause gravity to take over and allow your puppy to float down
– Avoid all obstacles. It isn’t easy!
– Collect as many bones as possible to unlock additional puppy characters

And keep your puppy floating as long as you can. The longer he flies, the higher your score will be.

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