Punch Master

American debut !!! The hottest and most popular game!!!
The best App you have never seen!!!

Boy A:Have you guys played this game?
Boy B: Nope~
Girl C: “What ‘s that?”

Boy A:It is called 「Punch Master」,the most popular game right now!
Boy B: Yo,Yo,check it out ! Seems be funny!
Girl C “Uh uh..Just for you guys may be”

Boy A:”You saw that? That ‘s cool!Come!Come!”
Boy B: OH! No kidding! That’s awesome!
Girl C: “It’s so nice! I wanna try it!”

Boy A:”Ho!Ho!Ho! I am the best ! You guys can not win !”
Boy B:”Hey man!Just let you know what i got!”
Girl C: “Chill down boys,The true fighter is here!”

From that day,these people enchanted with the 「Punch Master」.

This App is fits for iPhone4S and iPhone5 best.
The performance will be bad on other devices .
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Punch Master

Get ready for the most addictive game yet!
Can you hit the boss quickly enough? Can you out match a club bouncer? Can you make it right through to the end?
Expect your fingers to be tapping as quick as they can to keep up with these guys!