Pulpo Paul® : The cup’s rescue

Paul the Octopus® The Cup’s Rescue!

It’s time! The biggest competition in the European Soccer has started. The fans are excited, the teams in high spirit and the show is on. Suddenly, something is wrong. The most feared creature from the ocean, the sharks’ band, has assaulted the party to take the CUP to the depths ocean. The supporters are desperate and the teams’ motivation, vanished. All Europe has lost the hope.

But, when all seem lost, a small and brave animal came down from the sky to try to save the country’s dream. Paul the Octopus®, the biggest hero in history, has been revived by the gods with the mission of taking the cup back to his place.

The biggest chase of all times has just started!

You are the star! Download the first Paul the Octopus® official game and come along with him in an amazing adventure.

Draw your tentacles and help Paul the Octopus® to recover the famous CUP.

Thought the sky, earth, ocean and even space. Pursuit the evil sharks in all the amazing four worlds and fight them fearless until the last battle.

Take all the coins you can in your way and customize your Paul the Octopus® with the best equipment. You can also play the Lucky Roulette and win amazing vehicles to accelerate in your pursuit.

Europe’s dream is upon you!

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