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Puffle Launch Review

Are you a distinguished member of Disney’s “Club Penguin?” Go ahead, admit it. Lift up your head and drain that blush from your face. After all, Disney’s massively multiplayer online world has attracted millions of players from all walks of life, and that’s no idle accomplishment.

Also, if you’re a fan of Club Penguin, that means you can download and play Puffle Launch on your iOS device with two advantages under your belt. First of all, you can earn Club Penguin coins by playing this fun little distraction. And second, you actually know what a “Puffle” is.

Puffle Launch is actually an iOS adaptation of a popular minigame that exists within Club Penguin’s virtual world. It boasts a simple premise: you launch your little red Puffle dude from cannon to cannon in order to help him collect his Puffle-O rings (part of this complete breakfast).

Cannon madness.

If you’ve ever blasted from cannon to cannon in any of the Donkey Kong Country games from Rare and Nintendo, you already have a pretty good idea of how Puffle Launch plays. Of course, Puffle Launch is about more than monkeys going airborne. The game’s courses become increasingly complex and involved as you progress. You have to tap the screen to change your Puffle’s trajectory, you have to dodge floating objects (who ties balloons to anvils and pianos?), and if you want to collect every Puffle-O in every level, you have to think fast to make sure your Puffle friend ends up on the correct airborne path to success.

If you’re not interested in being a completionist, fear not. Finishing Puffle Launch only requires you to make it safely to the end of each level, but collecting all the Puffle-O’s opens up new modes, like “Turbo” and “Slow-Mo.” There are currently only 24 levels, so you may want to grab every scrap of gameplay that Puffle Launch can provide.

Donkey Kong Country, eat your heart out.

That goes double for Club Penguin members, who can earn coins while playing Puffle Launch, and transfer them to their actual Club accounts. Heck, you could do far worse things on a bus ride than earning some easy virtual cash.

Puffle Launch moves quickly and helps pass a couple of entertaining hours, even for anyone who’s not already part of Club Penguin. It’s a fun distraction, and just in case the fear was lingering at the back of your head, you’re not required to sign up for Club Penguin in order to download and play it.

Someday, we will need to sell our souls to penguins in order to achieve a speck of happiness, but that day is not today. Go ahead and download Puffle Launch with a clear conscience, and then sleep easy.