Pudding Pop

Player’s Reviews
超级好 by 帅圆圆

Good game by amina ugbah
Great game. Totally worth it!

can you receive by Fritt002
一样的音乐一样的人物,你们从pudding battle一个中规中矩的不错游戏,变出了现在的pudding pop,一个苹果商店里一流的游戏。

いいね by kimshinちゃん

Pudding Pop is a cute puzzle game with RETINA graphics (HD) which supports iPod Touch, iPhone 3G 3GS 4, iPad with iOS 4.3+.

2 Game Modes are available in Pudding Pop.

★★★★★Classic Mode★★★★★
Pop Puddings as much as you can to reach higher level!

★★★★★Freeze Mode★★★★★
Puddings are frozen. Save them as many as possible in 1 mintue!

Pop more puddings by 1 move, higher scores you get
2 Puddings by 1 pop = 1x
3 Puddings by 1 pop = 2x
4 Puddings by 1 pop = 4x
5 Puddings by 1 pop = 8x
6 Puddings by 1 pop = 12x
7 Puddings by 1 pop = 16x
8 Puddings by 1 pop = 20x
9 Puddings by 1 pop = 24x
10 Puddings or above by 1 pop = 30x

Save 5 or more puddings by 1 move will summon penguin. It will helps breaking ice to save more Puddings!

★★★★★Game Center Support★★★★★
Challenge your friends and people all over the world.

★★★★★Contact Us★★★★★




Email: pudin.workshop@gmail.com

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