PSY Style Roller Coaster Race HD PRO – Gentleman Edition Racing Game

Going for something hip, fun and crazy? Love PSY? Great! Now hop aboard the most awesome rollercoaster in town and ride with the coolest guy you’ll ever find in Gentleman Roller Coaster Run.

“It’s simple, but also fun and cool… in a trendy kind of way!”

“This game has a very creative design with an easy-to-learn gameplay that will get you hooked before
you realize it.”

If you love PSY and his absolutely fun and crazy antics then you will also love the Gentleman Roller Coaster Run. And, yes, we think roller coaster is the right ride for this because it is filled with exciting topsy-turvy moments that will make you want to keep playing more and more. Come invite your friends to party and play aboard the roller coaster with PSY as you jive to the catchy beat of his latest hit “Gentleman” and never again be bored. And even if you go single player, you won’t be alone, as you will be joined by the fun and crazy characters from the “Gentleman” music video!

– Easy one-touch game play with various possibilities
– Get challenged and make games more entertaining with power ups and other in-game features
– Fun and catchy “Gentleman” theme song
– Play with Facebook friends!
– The funky design and colorful environment
– Play as PSY or as any of the characters from the “Gentleman” music video
– Supports Game Center and Facebook!

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