PS Deluxe

PS Deluxe is the most coolest version of the well known game “pegs solitaire” and
at least 3 – 4 more names are describing the same game.
The goal is to leave one peg on the board that you are playing.
This new version allows us to enjoy almost an endless game thanks to 16
different boards with 1 – 3 levels for each board.
You won’t leave it till it’s done.
This is the first outside of earth pegs game and we hope you will be able to
bring it back to earth. Have fun :)
– Friendly GUI comfortable play.
– 16 Boards.
– Ipod music.
– Amazing in game sound.
– Game statistics.
– 2 levels of difficulty(only on boards are support).
In the next upcoming version you will find abilities to play more than one player,
play online with others and more fun abilities.

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