Enjoy this new version! We have made a lot of bug fixes and general improvements throughout the app.

“This is a really fun app. Hours of searching and head scratching really love it.” ~ DireWolf666
“Not as easy as it looks.” ~
“Once you start you can’t put it down!” ~ by Susie66k

The game contains hundreds of English sayings painted literally. See the pictures below to see what we mean!

The aim of the game is to find as many of them as you can. And you’ll use a helpful alphabetical list of all the sayings to guide you through.
Gameplay is similar to ‘Where’s Waldo’, but much more mature (this is more of an adults game).

Discover hundreds of humorous, bizarre, and sometimes risqué interpretations of everyday sayings hidden within four famous paintings by T. E. Breitenbach. Imagine a real case of “butterflies in the stomach”, a “brainstorm”, “monkey business”, or a “rat race”.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already purchased Proverbidioms posters and jigsaws. Now for the first time, Proverbidioms the App offers a whole new interactive experience to give you hours of addictive, unsurpassed fun and learning!

There are four games in this app.
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