Prototype Snowmobile Driver

Do you have the bravado and adventurous spirit that it takes to be a Prototype Snowmobile Driver? Enter this dynamic game, if you dare, and see if you can handle the crazy speeds expertly enough to earn some achievements. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

A famous international company has hired you, a world-class professional, to test drive their brand new snowmobile prototype. Hot off the assembly line, they want you to really push this machine hard to see how it handles and responds before they put it on the market.

You start it up and rev the engine a bit. Oh, she purrs like a kitten but what can she do on the open trail? Adjusting your goggles, you give it some gas and take off. Before long, you’re driving that snowmobile at crazy speeds, leaning this way and that, whipping through and around trees, the cold powder spraying your face. You love your job.

The ride is fantastic and exhilarating but you’re a pro, you remember what you’re supposed to do. So, as you drive, you collect snowflakes. Why? Because snowflake equals bonus and you’re a well paid prototype driver.

As you turn in your report to the company later on, they challenge you to a new assignment. Are you tough enough to take the prototype for a night run? Do you have the skill and the guts? Naturally, you say yes!

If you like the idea of having the wind blow through your hair as you race along the snowy trails at breakneck speeds then you are going to be addicted to Prototype Snowmobile Driver even faster than the average gamer.

What you get inside this app is a dynamic environment. That means that you get a new thrill every time you take the prototype out for a spin. You never get bored because each ride is different from the last yet always challenging and fun. Cool, eh?

Just because this game is going to be a true test of your skills doesn’t mean it’s hard to play, it isn’t. Simply tilt your iPhone to steer and touch the screen slow down the speed. As you go, watch out for the trees and collect as many snowflakes as you can for extra points.

You’re going to want to gather as many points as you can, so you can earn some sweet Achievements and make your mark in the Apple Game Center. Imagine seeing your name on the leaderboard, knowing that others around the world will try to beat your score. Let ‘em try, you’re a pro

Check out some of the features you get in Prototype Snowmobile Driver:
* Clean, cool interface
* Daytime and night time driving
* Dynamic game environment for a new challenge every time
* Fast, fun and addictive gameplay
* Achievements notification during gameplay
* Apple Game Center support
* Fast app switching

Why are still sitting here when you could be out there right now, feeling the rush?

Hurry, download Prototype Snowmobile Driver now and get in on the excitement.

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