Prom Date Dress Up

The Prom day is so Special for every’s never soon to start preparing everything for this moment. Imagine how it would be your perfect prom and start creating it.
choose perfect outfits for prom and got hottest boy as your date,make sure she is looking gorgeous ,so she can get perfect prom date!! Don’t make too much mistakes or maybe she ends up with some geek.


-> 5 Beautiful Prom Girls For Dress up

-> RGB Functionality for 1000 of color combination.

-> Hint option available for find your perfect partner.

-> Cool background sound and Effects.

-> 1000’s of Combinations of Dresses, hair, caps, T-shirts,Pent’s, Jacket,shoes and lots of other things to do.

-> Different backgrounds to choose for every level.

-> Save your Creation in photo library and also share with friends and family through Facebook, twitter , or Email.

Available as Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!

Lets Download Free and Get it today For Fun!

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