Project MOS

Solar System has become a battleground.
Multinational Corporations are going to start a war with Earth’s Governments over space resources and for independence.
Which side will you choose?


Project MOS is a multiplayer space combat simulation game and tactical shooter.
Battle with hundreds of players in the same scenario, divided into two factions.
The goal is to destroy the enemy Carriers while defending yours.
Lock the enemy targets. Avoid enemy locks.
Earn points to unlock more spaceships.
Support friendly ships with supportship.


• Free to play.

• Real time multiplayer with cooperative gameplay.

• Epic battles with hundreds of players.

• 3D graphics with realistic physics.

• Five unique spaceships to choose from.

• Long range combat system.

• Internet connection required.

– You can change the direction by double tapping the screen.
– Beware of enemies Hidden Drones
The closer you get to their base and more dangerous they are.
– Your ship starts directed to enemy carriers
– Supportship remove enemy locks to allies
– Ships alignment and speed influence target missing

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