Project Fish Tank

*Halloween update*

– The Halloween store is now available!

– Added a new flip button for decorations.

– Fixed various bugs.

Project Fish Tank! A somewhat realistic fish aquarium experience! Have you ever just wanted to create a beautiful fish tank that you could look at and listen to just to relax? Well now you can! Best part is you can take it anywhere, your desk at school, at the office, or pretty much anywhere you can think of. Have fun with your friends and co-workers to see who can come up with the best looking tank. And no you will not be harassed every 10 seconds and you don’t need an internet connection. (Because let’s be honest..why DO fish have to be connected all the time?) This game is FREE!! And if you see anything you like, feel free to get some more gold bars and decorate to your hearts content! We packed this game with tons of extra surprises too, try and unlock all the hidden decorations and watch out for EXPLODING FISH!

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