Professor Cat’s Mazing Machine

The classic ball-in-a-maze game re-imagined by a feline with tenure and his under-prepared grad student assistant!

You will need to help Professor Cat with his experiments by tilting your device to navigate his mazing mazes. While also collecting the catmium crystals he needs to power his experimental robotic inventions, all because he lacks the opposable thumbs to do so!

He also signed something saying he wouldn’t put his grad student in danger, so she can’t do it. BUT IT DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOU!

-Navigate 75 different challenging mazes (with 100+ more to come in future updates.)
-Unlock Prof. Cat comics drawn by College Humor/Dorkly illustrator Caldwell Tanner.
-Collect over 500 Catmium crystals.
-Tons of new obstacles and experiments to be added to the game in future updates.

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