Pro Shoot

* Classic style shoot m up suite of games.

* Frustrated with someone or something ,take a picture, and use it as a target! Record you own sound effect for hitting the bulls eye.

IPod touch requires a headset with microphone for recording the sound effect.

Includes three shooting games : Duck hunting, Balloon shooting and Target shooting.
* Games get faster and more challenging with each level.
* Accelerometer based aiming, ( easy calibration setup allows you to hold the device at a comfortable angle)
* Or tap based shooting, just try to tap the target where you want to hit it.
* Pick a custom background from your photo album. Go shooting wherever you want.
* Target game allows you to pick your own target image from your phone’s photo album. Image can be scaled and cropped.
* Record a your own sound effect for hitting the target bulls eye. Use this in combination with the custom targets.

Keywords: shooter duck hunt hunting balloon target shoot gun record customizable

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