Pro. Police Training 2

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $7.99) Rating: 17+

Pro. Police Training 2 is a game from GameVision, originally released 17th January, 2012


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Pro Police Training 2 Review

Shooting gallery games are a good fit for touchscreen devices. Pro Police Training 2 takes the standard shooting gallery framework and adds a plethora of modes to try to keep the game from getting stale. Developer Zing Games also hopes that the added modes, as well as weapons and add-on perks, will keep you so addicted that you’ll pay good money to keep the game going.

The controls are pretty basic. Aiming and shooting your weapon only requires that you tap on screen wherever you want to shoot. Reloading can be done either automatically or by tapping on your gun’s ammo clip icon in the top right corner.

That’ll leave a mark.

In the menu, you can choose to play any unlocked mode you’d like, visit the store, or pay to play new modes. Each mode has an increasing level of difficulty, and after several stages, you will need to use in-game credits to unlock new stages. Earning credits is done by completing stages and leveling up. You can also earn diamonds, the game’s premium currency, by sharing your achievements on Facebook.

The game modes vary from simple tasks, like hitting all the targets floating around the screen, to complex memory tasks. You can also choose to play the game’s zombie mode, in which you must fight off a hoard of angry zombies for an increasing period of time. The basic modes are unlocked for you, but if you want the variety of more modes, you’ll need the premium currency.

Yeah, but which one?

While the game modes can be fun, the real problem is with the freemium model. At first it seems easy to gain a nice bank, but new pistols are expensive. You can also purchase perks, which augment your pistol in the game, but these too are expensive or require a good deal of the premium currency. After a while, you run out of games to play without paying for coins. Unless you want to repeat levels, Pro Police Training 2 becomes a waiting game.

In the end, this title doesn’t add much of anything new to the shooting gallery genre, and the freemium model is a bit too stringent. It’s a fun game to play for a while, and we appreciate the reward it gives to those on social networks, but it’s just not anything that sticks out among the crowd in today’s App Store.