Pro. Police Training 2

We just did a major update to PPT2. Please download yours today and input Promo Code 20C09Y06D07 to get free Credits. Limited time only!

* Average user rating: 4.5 / 5!
* 80 percent of users give us 5 stars!
* “A fun game to play!” – Slide To Play
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If you like tap shooting games on iPhone,
If you are a sharp shooter,
If you play Overkill, Contract Killer, Eliminate: Gun Range, or Wild West Guns,
If many years ago you had a great time playing the Police Trainer arcade game,

You will LOVE this game!

P.P.T. was the most challenging and intense tap shooting game on the AppStore when released in 2009. Now P.P.T.2 is here with more challenges, more modes, more weapons, more items and of course mode fun and nerve wracking moments.

*9 game modes with 11 levels each
*Challenge mode with world ranking
*Zombie invading mode
*Berretta, Glock18c, Magnum and more weapons are coming soon
*12 Perks to customize your weapon
*11 RANKS from Rookie to Sheriff
*56 Achievements and 6 Leaderboards to keep you entertained.
*Plenty of targets to hit
*Plenty of ZOMBIES to kill

Store and Credits:
P.P.T.2 is FREE to play. You can buy or rent tons of items from the in-game store by Credits or Points.

** Where to get FREE Credits and Points? **
There are many ways that you can get FREE Credits and Points EVERYDAY!

–Come back daily, 1 Credit
–Share your progress on Facebook, 1 Credit
–Like our Facebook fanpage, 10 Credits
–Tweet your progress daily, 1 Credit
–Follow us on Twitter, 10 Credits
–Register a Zing Games account, 10 Credits
–Check out other games created by us, 3 Credits
–Unlock Tapme Power-ups, 1000 Points
–Watch short trailer, 1000 Points
–Check in Heyzap, 1000 Points

How many free points you can get on the first day?

Total 72000 Points!!!!

And share all your achievements with friends, you will get extra 56 Credits during your play!

Note: P.P.T.2 is best played on an iPhone 3GS or higher with latest firmware installed.

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