Prison Maze Breakout – Race To Escape 3D


Break the prisoner out of jail by navigating him through the maze of prison cells to reach the exit. Don’t run into the guards patrolling the prison.

With our maze randomizer every maze is different, so it’s always a new challenge.

There are 3 SUPER FUN LEVELS, start with level 1 and then unlock levels 2 and 3 which get progressively harder.

Collect the gold keys along the way and trade them in for valuable coins.
Use the coins to customize characters with cool items.

Race through the maze!!! When time runs out the prison is locked down and the breakout is over.

When the time starts simply tap the screen to control where you want the prisoner to go.

★Single and multiplayer
★Retina Ready
★High Definition
★Works on iPhone & iPad
★STUNNING 3D graphics
★Customizable characters
★Fun for all ages!

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