Prison Escape

5 million downloads to date! Thank you for making Prison Escape top the charts across the world.

Another new level is available. This time, you can swipe left, right, up and down to navigate through the busy streets with the police in hot pursuit. Look for the TRAIN STATION to ESCAPE!


Jim, Edd and Micky won’t stay behind bars a moment longer and must escape tonight!

Help them escape by:

• DRAGGING to catapult out of prison onto a passing truck.

• BALANCING to carefully walk along a tight rope across the town harbour and avoid police gunfire.

• TAPPING to leap across tall buildings and escape through the last CAR PARK.

• SWIPING left, right, up and down to navigate through the busy streets below and escape through the TRAIN STATION.

Enjoy an interactive 3D environment with realistic physics based animations.

• Optimised for iPad retina displays and iPhone 5


TIP for level 2

It’s real tricky getting off the bridge and balancing on the wire without falling off. You have to hold your device absolutely level and steady. Try it on the easy setting first and of course you can always cheat by using a table to stay steady ;)

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