Prison Escape Free

The son of the prison president has committed murder,in ordor to save the son,the prison president must find some one else to be the scapegoat.Michael is the poor one.Michael has been put into jail with innocence.if he wants to reverse the unjustness,he had no choice but to escape and ask for help from the judge. with the help of a righteous police office,Michael has escape from the bridewell.Now as long as he helicop wating there.Finally.Michael has conquer ways of difficulty and escape successfully… Now a jouney full of excitement and tense has begun… Good luck!

Game Control:
1.Get to the escape area in as few clicks as possible without being caught in a chase with the security guard.
2.Click a square to the top, bottom, left, or right of your character to move.
3.Plan on how you can lead the guard to a dead end where he can’t move and then head towards the escape area.

Note: Each click moves your character 1 square at a time while the guard moves 2 squares at a time to chase you. Plan your move carefully!

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