“First period is crying.”
Unprecedented! The principal’s long talk became a game!
Simple operation of inputting a topic first.
Let’s look for only your topic!

A score is changed in the inputted topic.
Let’s participate in ranking by high score!
What kind of talk does your principal tell today?
According to you, the number of topics is infinite!

——Game Play——–

You are a principal.

topic of school meeting is considered.

The long talk is high score!

However, students are downed in case of tedious topic.

The number of topics is infinite!

All results change only by one character being different.

An unexpected topic may be high score.

Let’s try various topics.

A uniform can be chosen by a top page.

Blazer or Gakuran.

(A score is not influenced.)

The sum total of Best Score should aim at the top of ranking!

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