Prince Penny

Prince Penny is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Prince Penny Review

We tend to associate royalty with vast riches, but sometimes the divine right of kings doesn’t pay the bills. In Prince Penny, you have to steer a young heir to the throne as he picks up coins off the road– an appropriate task for a commoner such as yourself.

Prince Penny is a typical high-score game, complete with Game Center and OpenFeint leaderboards. You lose the game the first time you veer off the course and into the water, but the game’s floppy physics are still a bit forgiving. You can go off the track slightly, and still turn back onto the road intact.

The streets are paved with gold.

What makes Prince Penny stand out is that despite the game’s story about an impoverished kingdom, the game is rich with visual splendor. The 3D graphics are fantastic, making Prince Penny feel like a bonus level in a Nintendo Wii game.

But since it’s just a high score survival game, don’t expect to find too much variety. Prince Penny has random elements, but it’ll repeat certain chunks of scenery, and collecting coins does get old after a while. Oddball power-ups like an inner tube, hot peppers, and a pig friend who will clear the road ahead do keep things interesting longer than you might expect.

We love the graphics in Prince Penny, and the controls and power-ups are all spot-on. Despite the fact that it’s not too deep, we had a lot of fun on this moneygrubbing horsey ride. If you like high-score games, pick this one up. We understand the proceeds will go to help poor princes gild their carriages.