Presidents PRO

President PRO combines a reference and a game to make learning the U.S. Presidents fun and easy. The reference includes biography, facts, and the cabinet for each president. The game uses several memorization techniques to help you learn the names and order of all 44 presidents – techniques used include:

* Use of different senses including visual, auditory, and tactile
* Building blocks (start with small groups and build)
* Rhymes / Association
* Practice / Repetition
* Competition

The objective of the game is to place each president in the order they served as president (i.e. George Washington is #1 and Barack Obama is #44). Drag the presidents to put them in the correct order. The tile background turns blue when in the correct order. There are 8 levels and 18 different puzzles. When a puzzle is solved, the name of each president will be spoken and you will automatically advance to the next puzzle until the current level is completed.

Practice mode is a great place to start. You can take your time solving the puzzles and learning the order of the presidents. Memorization
aids are provided that will not only help you remember the order of the presidents but also learn a little something about each one.

Game mode is a fun way to test what you have learned or to periodically refresh your memory. You will have a time limit to solve each puzzle and a score is kept so you can challenge yourself or compete with family and friends.

There are eight different levels, designed to get you learning fast and then building on what you have learned. If you are just starting, begin at level 1 and build from there. If you know the presidents fairly well try starting at level 3 or higher.

Whatever your knowledge level Presidents Pro is a great way to learn and have fun at the same time!

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