Power Jegi

Power Jegi is a different kind of game that you’ve never played before. The rule of the game is simple: kick a “Jegi” before it falls to the ground. Beware however, the game will become much more challenging sooner than you think. You gotta feel the rhythm of the Jegi and gravity. Good luck!

It is a small flying object used in a Korean traditional outdoor game called, “Jegichagi”, which basically translates into, “Kicking a Jegi.” For more details, look it up on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jegichagi. It’ll tell you all about it even shows you how to make a Jegi!

– Tap the screen to toss a Jegi
– Tap the bottom left or right of the screen to kick the Jegi before it hits the ground
– Pop all balloons to clear the level
– You can grab the Jegi by tapping the top half of the screen

Simple isn’t it? But watch out! There are more than just balloons!

– Over 100 different levels!
– Different game difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard
– Set the kid to move automatically, or set to manual for challenge
– Play alone, play with your peers, or even play online. Fun for the whole family!

*** iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 3 Gen and Up is recommended ***

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