PotaToss: A Stunning Location Aware Game

★★★★★ “The Next Angry Birds: Pota-Toss, with gorgeous GPS-based levels” – Techcrunch
★★★★★ “Because we all should know the power of Potatoes” – Kotaku
★★★★★ “The graphics are extremely detailed, almost like a Pixar movie” – BusinessInsider

Have you ever seen your city come alive in a game? Well, congrats, YOU are about to play the FIRST GAME WITH LOCATION BASED LEVELS! Pota-Toss is a NEW, stunning and addictive Social Game: and best of all, it’s FREE!

Toss Potatoes from Hawaii to Egypt. The game recognizes where you are in the world and shows you a cartoon version of your city! Just swipe your finger on the screen to toss a Pota-To! Easy huh?

Take a tour through amazing levels around the world and challenge your friends to see who is the best Potato Tosser! Pota-Toss also features an amazing soundtrack by awarded Hollywood composer Zain Effendi.

Unlock amazing new Pota-toes by sharing your game with your friends. Toss potatoes, challenge your friends and get ready for the next best thing in the App Store!

Game Reviews;
“Saborstudio’s forthcoming Pota-Toss bringing GPS levels and artillery warfare to iOS” – Pocket Gamer
“Pota-Toss has plenty of spuds and promise” – TouchArcade
“Pota-Toss’s Beta Adds Location Awareness to Mobile Gaming” – TheNextWeb
“Soon all those Angry Birds plush toys you see at Target and Walmart could be replaced by plush potatoes” – Success Magazine

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