Potato Chips Maker

Crispy Potato Chips Maker

The Newest Chip in the Block is here!

Delicious Potato Chips, as crisp as they get!

Try it once and you’ll come back for more.
Who would have thought making chips would be as fun as eating them!!

Simply addictive game-play.
Crisp, fresh graphics.
Unique slicing blades.
Even more unique chip designs.

Peel out the Fun off every potato.
Choose a slicer of your liking.
Slice out chips of your choice.
Fry ‘em up and you are ready!

Oh look, It’s raining chips!!

Get hold of your favourite plate and catch as many as you can!!

You are served with loads of fun and entertainment!!


No one can stop at one. You’ll be coming back for more!

Get prepared to spend hours making and eating your favourite chips.

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