Post The Question

Post the question presents the new generation of trivia applications with a cool and intuitive interface design, challenging the users with a single answer question game.

It is a non competitive trivia game with one simple rule, find a teammate and answer as many correct questions as you can in a variety of subjects.
You can play with your Facebook friends, familiar persons or random players.
Once you encounter a difficult question, you can pass it to your teammate, get more time or use a unique lifeline which allows you to post the question on your Facebook’s wall and answer it later.

Post The Question is designed to offer an enjoyable and educative gaming experience with thousands of high quality questions divided to eight interesting subject, making it suitable to all kinds of players.

– Thousands of high quality questions.
– Choose between 8 great categories.
– Play with your Facebook friends.
– Share questions on your Facebook wall.
– Play Asynchronous multiple games.

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