porTable Pro is a real-life tabletop gaming simulation using cards, chips or dominoes.

Use your iPad as the main game table and other iOS devices to hold your items in your hand. No pre-defined rules: it’s only you, your friends, and your game!

“Awesome! One of a kind! We can finally play games as a family again.” – Huntir
“Best way to play cards using iPhones!” – Henrique
“porTable turns the iPad and iPhone into your own personal tabletop gaming system” – AppAdvice

If you going to play all 3 games, check our porTable PRO version and get all STYLES for FREE!


・ Fully customizable deck of cards
・ Dual deck support
・ Auto-deal
・ Notepad to save scores
・ Five configurable deck presets
・ Beautiful card backs
・ Gestures to shuffle, spread, collect and more
・ Play rummy, bridge, canasta, spades and other games


・ Customizable chip sets
・ Advanced banking system
・ Convenient exchange
・ Various chip styles
・ Natural sounds
・ Gestures to stack, exchange, and more


・ Double-6 domino set
・ Auto-deal and auto-shuffle
・ Notepad to save scores
・ Various domino styles
・ Spinner layout support
・ Realistic sound effects


• Free non-customizable 54-card deck
• iPhone 5 and iPad Retina display
• Smart gestures (ribbon spread, fan spread, put into deck, shuffle and more…)
• Connection via Bluetooth, WiFi or both
• Auto alignment on handheld device
• Various colors for portals and tables
• Set of custom styles for cards, chips and dominoes

We provide game items, notepad, physics and natural gestures. You choose any game you wish.

• We recommend using Bluetooth connection for best game experience
• No need to buy items on every device: once purchased on an iPad they are available to everybody who is connected!


・ Letter squares

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