Popstar Boyfriend

Looking for Mr. Right? Oh lala he’s here!! Right in front of you. Get ready for Pop star Boyfriend.

Forget other men and boys. This guy will even take over Justin. He is on the top of this world. The star every girl ever dreamt off. Good looks of harry and Justin, body of Robert. What else do you need? Smoking hot and would love you more than Justin or harry. He would be the star of your life and would be your top priority. The fashion star, the fashion icon, the rock star, girls dig him. Your very only pop star boyfriend. Give him the makeover he deserves. The makeover that will change his life. The makeover that will make him better than other so called rock stars.

Now dress him up with amazing star type clothes. Make him the fashion icon among other full of style rock stars like Justin or harry. Start a new trend in the fashion market and choose new top styles. Take your girlfriend for a ride in your top star car. If this isn’t enough for you, then do an amazing concert to show your friends what an amazing rock star you are.

What are you waiting for? Get up and make your very own boyfriend right now.

- Choose from different Clothes – for your boyfriend
- Scores of unlockables to make your boyfriend better
- Share your designs with friends over Face book

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© Don Taylor.

Popstar Boyfriend

Justin Bieber Edition!

Hey Beliebers, have you ever dreamed of dating Justin Bieber? Well now you can!! And it’s completely FREE.

Test your kissing and flirting skills to win his attention. Then go for a coffee or to the movies. Play a series of cute, funny and addictive mini games to win Justin’s heart!

If things go well, you can move in together and adopt a pet to care for, have breakfast in bed, or even share a romantic bubble bath.

Justin comes with a huge virtual closet, full of cool new outfits to buy. Prefer his old hairstyle? You can change it back whenever you like!

Justin’s waiting for you to begin your romantic adventure together. The question is, are you ready to date the most amazing guy in the world?